Friday, April 20, 2018

Using the Law of Attraction

The thing it that deep down, getting the things we want can actually be scary. This is because most of us like the known and the status quo – it makes us feel comfortable. We really do not especially like taking risks. However, we do not have to setting for comfortable because everyone else is. And this brings us to peer pressure also having an effect on keeping us in the status quo.
We need to go straight for our dreams, follow our passions and do the things we want to do, even if those things are risky. This is the approach we need to take.
We do not need to quit our jobs, but we can if we really would like to quit our jobs – we could find out what the universe will provide for us.
So now let us specify some 5 steps that we can put to use right now to get the Law of Attraction working to do good things in our lives. These steps give us the ability to begin taking action right now in going after the things we really want. There is a reason you decide to read this post, and this is the reason.
1. Get clear on what you really want
Getting clear on the path you wish to take is the very first thing you must do. If you are not sure about the things you really want, how could you ever commit to pursing it? And your thoughts will never be strong enough to create and manifest anything in your life. True power is knowing exactly what you want and putting your focus there.
There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting a big house or a nice car, as long as you are doing it for the proper reasons. If the reason you want nice things is to make an impression on other people, then you will lack the power to achieve them.
However, if you seek that a car simply because you want to enjoy the experience, this is a totally different vibration of energy. All of us get to pick the things we want and the things we don’t want.
2. Visualize the things we desire
After you get very clear on the kinds of things you really desire, then we need to nail down the details about those things. This is the time in your life when you can actually day dream and not get in trouble. It means you think about getting that big new car, how it feels to drive.
You could actually go out and test drive that car you want. The idea here is to inject as much emotion, clarity, and details into those images you see in your mind. When you do this, you give them power.
If you just want something a little bit, you will not follow through on it and you will not do the things it takes. You will not take any action at all.
3. Let go and go after it
To really make this work, you have to release any emotional attachments, any negativity and any other mental block to the end results you desire.
This is one of the things that confuse people about manifesting things in your life. You must define and desire the things you want, but then you have to release your emotional attachments to them.
The reason is that emotional attachments end up blocking the whole process. This is because we become so disappointed by setbacks and we get so desperate for the things we want, we put out too many negative vibes into the universe.
If you observe other people around you, it is easy to see many of them have lots of things in their lives – except the one thing that they obsess over. The reason is they can’t release their emotional attachments to them and therefore cannot manifest it in their life.  
4. Take some action
Never forget that the Law of Attraction will not start working for you until some action has taken place. Now that you know what you desire, you must start taking action. The previous three steps have given you some great action steps.
The best thing you can do is continually doing those steps and learning to do them better and better every single day.
The Law of Attraction provides us with a wonderful set of actions. It will produce great results if you let it work for you.